Giving events a signature ID

Telstra: Signature Series

New brand. New opportunity.

Telstra wanted to use their new brand rollout as a chance to create a unique logo and visual identity for Telstra’s Signature Series – a private executive roundtable event that attracts the top echelons of Australian enterprise. They wanted the event look and feel to convey the premium quality of the speakers and attendees. Brains researched similar events and series for branding inspiration and presented three iterations of the identity.

Concept 1: A level of excellence like no other.

Signature Series is about bringing leaders of industry together. Building pathways and relationships with them for the future. And what better way to signify that than utilising the new Telstra brand “curve” to build a bridge to Signature Series. This concept used two of the curves to draw the viewers’ attention and create the appearance of a bridge.

Concept 2: Where brilliant minds come together.

With a simple word mark to brand the series, for this concept we creates a graphic device of multiple curves to create an intersection of brilliance.

Concept 3: A gold class event.

Attracting a top tier level of attendees means treating them like it. This treatment looks at introducing a gold accent to the brand to emphasise the exclusivity of the series while still utilising the simple graphic elements from the new Telstra brand.

After finalising the identity with brand and the Telstra team, we provided guidelines on how to use the elements to maintain consistency across all collateral they rolled out.

Telstra Signature Series
Telstra Signature Series
Telstra Signature Series
Telstra Signature Series