Turn that initial spark into long term glow

  • March 2024
  • Jordi Wisse
  • featured

The middle of the funnel MoFu, as the cool kids call it is full of possibilities. It’s where Awareness and Interest turn into Consideration, from which leads can be nurtured.

So, how do we nurture new customers from that stage of initial interest along various stages of engagement and commitment? Firstly, let’s consider whether you’re really making the most of your MoFu: 

Are you in the right place? 

At Brains, we recommend focusing on the digital platforms best suited to your brand in terms of demographic and user experience.  Would you benefit from a platform that prioritises visuals over text, or vice versa? This is your shop window for the world, so display your brand with its best qualities up front.


Follow the clues. 

The middle funnel phase is also full of insights: every click, download and engagement is a clue to understanding your audience better. These pieces of data are like breadcrumbs to be followed and gathered for better customer insights.


Test the water. 

It’s also the perfect place for testing different content formats and messaging, understanding what resonates with your audience, what entices them along the funnel towards conversion and also what loses them.

 For more tips like this, check out our MoFu strategy in our discussion paper: “Putting the fun in middle funnel,” downloadable here.


MoFu Case Study: “The Toughest Athletes”

An example of a brand that followed these points to great success is Nike’s ‘The Toughest Athlete’ campaign. (To caveat, this is of course B2C, but it holds lessons for a B2B campaign because it targets a specific audience with focused messaging.) 

Nike discovered comments and conversations on their social media between potential customers in the awareness and interest phases, revealing that they were unsure if they could still exercise while pregnant, and how best to approach that. 

Nike had unearthed an unexploited conversation and market, which they found in their MoFu. Showing their well-known finesse in navigating the customer journey, Nike gained priceless customer insights from their MoFu and used it to develop a campaign and product line for new conversions.  

The campaign and product line was ‘The Toughest Athletes’, which highlighted the experiences of women during significant life changes, including pregnancy. Seamlessly integrating with Nike’s maternity collection, the campaign’s real strength was its relatable narrative, reflecting the authentic conversations Nike had found on their social media platforms. By paying attention to their MoFu, Nike harnessed market insights and fostered a valuable conversation with their audience — demonstrating how strategic engagement can be both subtle and impactful.  


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