Does your brand need a campaign or a sustainable idea?

  • December 2023
  • Jordi Wisse
  • featured

For decades, advertising has been all about the campaign. The brave stunt. The bold telly ad. And, theoretically, the big old award at the end of the year.

But can discrete campaigns really win in an always-on culture?

Customer behaviours have changed so dramatically over the past decade — especially since the pandemic — that we now expect more than a one-way push from our brands. We expect a relationship.

It’s a monumental shift. But that’s why we love what we do. As The Agency of Sustainable Ideas, we’re helping global brands evolve from trying to be the loudest voice in the room to the most interesting:

Crafting quality creative that lasts.

Nobody wants their brand to be a one-night stand. A Sustainable Idea is a long-lasting concept that brings you real staying power. This will often be centred around your truths, your legacy and values, or the ways you do real good in this world. With creative that lasts longer and goes further than a campaign, you show up consistently and authentically for your audience and build a relationship that reflects that.

Bringing regenerative practice to marketing.

Sustainable Ideas are reusable and re-purposeable, with a creative strategy or messaging that can be customised to support multiple campaigns, channels and usages. Sustainable Ideas are more of a system than a product. They’re also a better use of your marketing budget.

Digging sustainability right into the soil.

We couldn’t call them Sustainable Ideas if they weren’t also physically sustainable. This is more than our commitment to paperless communication, digital collaboration and a thriving veg patch. It’s asking whether our audiences really want another tote bag when we could use technology to provide a personalised experience. It’s moving sustainability out of the ESG department and into the fabric of our decision-making process, so that everything we do together becomes part of a drive toward greener business. And not just because consumers prefer a sustainable choice — because our planet does, too.

Ready to find out how a Sustainable Idea could help your brand win the next decade — and help save the world?

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